Tree Stump Grinding

Tree Stump Grinding

We Will (and are Able to) Tackle Any Tree Stump Grinding Job Anywhere in the Country

When a tough tree stump and root system needs to be removed during the tree felling process, this may often involve stump grinding through the use of a power tool with a grinding mechanism.

What is stump grinding?

Tree stump grinding is by far the safest and most efficient technique to remove any undesired stumps and root systems. Tree stumps should never be left in the ground as they may develop off-shoots which will continue to grow into larger roots that may damage property.

A stump grinding machine has a motor and a toothed arm – it looks like a large chain saw and as a result should only be used by carefully trained tree felling professionals. Tree stump grinders are dangerous and effective tools and complete care is taken to avoid injury and damage to property. The tree stump grinder has a rotating disk which chips away at the wood. Each stump grinding job is different and as such the right process and equipment is used after careful evaluation.

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