Tree Chipping Services

Chipping Services

We Will (and are Able to) Tackle Any Chipping Job Anywhere in the Country

Part of the process of tree felling may involve tree chipping to dispose of the leaves and branches of a tree. BW Tree Felling offers wood chipping services across South Africa.

What is tree chipping all about?

A tree chipper or wood chipper is used to turn the large pieces of wood (branches and bits of trunk) into smaller woodchips which can be easily disposed.

The chipper is a portable machine and the tree branch is inserted into what is known as a hopper and quickly reduced to woodchips through the action of chipping blades within the machine. A safety collar prevents accidental injury to anyone using the wood chipper and our people are well-trained to ensure that the machine is used in accordance with our high safety standards.

The wood chipping equipment we use meet the top industry standards for safety and noise-reduction – as does all our tree felling equipment.

During the operation of the wood chipper, a pile of wood chips collects which can be removed and disposed of conveniently.

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