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Tree Removal and Demolition Services for Corporate & Private Properties Across South Africa

BW Tree Felling is a 24-hour professional tree felling company focused on SAFETY and SERVICE EXCELLENCE. Established in 1988, the company has grown into a large and dynamic enterprise servicing all areas across South Africa. Our tree cutting teams are available for emergencies around the clock.

Trust our expert and reliable tree felling service for any tree maintenance or tree removal.

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We proudly offer the following range of services to our business and individual clients:

We proudly offer the following range of services to our business and individual clients:

Tree felling – the process of bringing down a tree

Tree stump removal – getting rid of the remaining tree stump including the roots

Tree stump grinding – the removal of a tree stump by using a circular grinder power tool

Site clearing – removing vegetation and rubble from a piece of land

Tree trimming and pruning – cutting and removal of certain parts of a tree for maintenance

Precision cutting of trees – cautious and precise cutting of a tree to minimize damage

Demolishing – tearing down and clearing of trees and buildings using heavy machinery

Tree chipping – using a wood chipper to turn large pieces of wood into smaller woodchips

Speciality tree services – includes working at extreme heights, above glass roofs and more

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A BEE Compliant Company

2 Million Rand Public Liability Insured

24 Hour Response

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