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Tree Felling

We Will (and are Able to) Tackle Any Tree Felling Job Anywhere in the Country

BW Tree Felling is the leading tree-felling services company in South Africa. Our country-wide teams offer a variety of tree felling services, round-the-clock.

What is tree felling?

The forestry industry defines tree felling as the process of cutting down a tree. Although this may seem like a simple task to some, it is in fact a process which can be very dangerous and if not handled by a professional tree felling services company, may result in injury or damage to property.

BW Tree Felling takes pride in delivering a long history of safe and professional tree felling services to individuals, companies and government departments in South Africa.

Tree felling services we offer

Tree felling may involve the use of one or more techniques, depending on the task at hand.

Each job is carefully planned to ensure that the right equipment is used and that the utmost care is taken to safeguard people, animals and bird-life, fences and property.

At times trees may grow in different directions which means they will fall differently. Trees also grow on different types of terrain. When a tree falls it comes down with tremendous force, especially if the tree is large.

As a result, our teams undergo intensive training in the use of equipment and safety measures to ensure the job is done safely.

Please contact us today if you have any questions about tree felling or our other tree felling services, or to get an obligation-free quote.