Speciality Jobs

Speciality Tree Felling Jobs

We Will (and are Able to) Tackle Any Speciality Tree Felling Job Anywhere in the Country

Many clients require tree felling services in conditions that are out of the ordinary and may seem extreme to some. BW Tree Felling are specialists in those jobs that are above-average in terms of difficulty and complexity.

What are speciality jobs?

Through the past few decades in providing professional tree-felling services across South Africa, we have been involved with a number of projects that require our out-of-the-ordinary tree felling expertise.

Some examples of these speciality tree felling jobs include:

  • Working at extreme heights
  • Cutting trees above glass roofs
  • Clearing trees and vegetation within swamps
  • Removing invasive tree species within Hartebeespoort Dam
  • Working around a fibre optic cable and removing a tree which had damaged it

These types of tasks require the use of our specialist tree-felling equipment and highly-trained people. We are proud to say that we are able to complete these types of jobs effectively and safely as a result of our decades of experience.

If you have a complex and difficult tree-felling requirement, please contact BW Tree Felling for more info or an obligation-free quote.