About BW Tree Felling Safety

The Safety of Our Clients, Their Property as Well as the Well Being of Our Staff is Always Top of Mind

When it comes to tree felling, safety is the highest priority. We apply the strictest safety measures to ensure the protection of our people, members of the public, equipment and property.

BW Tree Felling safety measures

We use a proven system of prevention and corrective action so that we ensure an accident-free work environment:

  1. The promotion of health and safety awareness
  2. Compliance with applicable health and safety legislation
  3. The identification of health and safety requirements, and setting our standards to meet these requirements
  4. The reporting, investigation, analysis and recording of any incidents and findings
  5. Prompt correction of any and all deficiencies in health and safety
  6. Ongoing provision of health and safety training
  7. Frequent reviews to determine if health and safety objectives are being met
  8. Recognition of outstanding health, safety and environmental performance
Our safety performance

BW Tree Felling continues to achieve an excellent safety record with the seven cutting teams who work 40 to 50 hours a week.

Tree felling qualifications and training

Our teams undergo ongoing training in the use of tree-felling equipment use and safety, including operator courses by Husqvarna, Stihl, SkiJIsforAfrica and BarJows.

All projects undergo site inspections and teams plan and establish a “path of escape” before any tree-felling work starts. This is to ensure safe work within hazardous areas, to prevent injuries and possible damage to property and fencing.

We pride ourselves in achieving excellent results while maintaining a very high work and safety standard.

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