We Will (and are Able to) Tackle Any Job Anywhere in the Country

BW Tree Felling offers the following services through its professional cutting teams.

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Tree felling – the bringing down and removal of a tree

Tree stump removal – the process of removing the remaining stump and roots after tree felling

Tree stump grinding – the use of a grinder power tool to remove a tree stump

Site clearing – clearing a piece of land of vegetation and rubble

Tree trimming and pruning – cutting back parts of a tree or shrub

Precision cutting of trees – careful trimming or cutting of a tree to ensure no damage is caused to property

Demolishing – complete removal of a tree or building through the use of heavy machinery

Tree chipping – the use of a wood chipper to reduce large pieces of woods to smaller chips

Speciality tree services – certain tree felling work requires specialist skills and equipment

We use industry-standard tree felling equipment and the highest tree-felling safety standards to ensure that all the services we offer are completed professionally and safely.