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Why BW Tree Felling?

We pride ourselves in many decades of delivering leading ree-felling, stump removal and other specialist services across South Africa.

Our teams of highly trained tree felling cutters use industry-leading equipment to et the job done safely, quickly and effectively.

We offer tree felling services to individuals, companies and government departments across South Africa.

Safety: our people and equipment

The first consideration in any tree felling task is safety: the prevention of injury to people and animals, and the prevention of damage to property and surrounding vegetation. We train all our tree felling specialists rigorously in the latest tree felling techniques and in the use of our highly specialised tree felling equipment.

We believe that our high standards and professional approach result in happy customers and a job well done.

Tree felling services we offer

BW Tree Felling offers a number of tree-felling services that range from tree felling, stump grinding and removal, precision cutting, trimming and pruning as well as other specialist jobs.

Our many years of experience mean that we are never daunted by a job, and our approach is to take care in planning and executing any job as effectively and safely as possible.